If you’re into modding your own Android smartphone, particularly at the main level, you might have encounter the file called build.prop located from the /program / folder. This single file holds the keys to a whole lot of customization and adjustments which may be reached in Android. Obviously, you’ll need root access to edit this document since it sits at the system partition. Considering that the build.prop file comprises all Android’s settings, in addition, it includes the capacity for the majority of customization and tweaks. So let us show you how you can edit build.prop first.


Build.prop is a really important document in Android and changing it’s filled with dangers. Any undesirable change and your device might not get beyond the boot cartoon. DroidViewsdoesn’t take any responsibility if such a situation happens. You have to take responsibility for your activities in case you choose to proceed. You’ve been warned about the dangers.

Edit build.prop with a file explorer

To edit the build.prop document, all you will need is a text editor and a file browser that could access the main directory. The majority of these document browsers include an inbuilt text editor if you don’t have a favourite editor set up, you do not need to think about installing one only for editing the build.prop file. Root Explorer, ES File Explorer (Free/Pro) along with Solid Explorer are a few popular document browsers capable of virtually anything that a document browser may perform. In the event you have another favourite file browser make certain to tell us about it in the comments.

ES File Explorer Pro is exactly what I use, and that is what you may discover me using in lots of other tutorials. Whenever you’ve got a root empowered file browser, browse to the /program /folder and then scroll down to get the build.prop file. Harness it and select ES Notice Editoror some other editor installed on the apparatus which you would like to utilize.

Before we get to changing the build.prop file, then copy the file into another folder and then rename it build.prop.bak then move this file back in the /program /folder. In this manner, you do not need to be concerned if anything else goes wrong and your device will not boot up. It’s possible to delete the altered build.prop from TWRP retrieval and take out the . Bak in the copy build.prop’s name. Your device will boot up correctly again.

You might even set up JRummy’s BuildProp Editor that’s an program specializing in editing the build.prop file. BuildProp Editor makes the task much simpler. After all, it’s a program created for the sole purpose of editing the build.prop file. To edit a line of an entrance, you can just tap it and then edit the entry along with its worth.


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